We are not hosting any files on this site, all files are available for free on the internet, and we only share links. We comply to the international law copyright. However, we may still remove the file link from our site as the copyright holder demand.

  • Submit your claim to admin@wpjustshare.com
  • Claims must be sent from corporate email, Claims sent from free service email such as Yahoo or Gmail, etc. Will be rejected;
  • You must show evidence indicating that you are a true developer and copyright holder or that you are acting on behalf of the copyright holder;
  • You must provide evidence indicating that the content is legally copyrighted and recognized by the patent agency that you are the copyright holder;
  • Content that needs to be removed must be provided in the form of the content name and link to the content page. We do not accept links to search queries, categories or subcategories.
  • Provide enough contact information with a valid email address.
  • And the last thing you need to know is that after your request we will remove the link only from our website. It’s possible that your product name will still be indexed on external sites. In addition, we can not remove links from other websites hosting them, even if the files have our names in them or in their descriptions.

Please submit links with valid information

The power of attorney from the copyright owner (or representative of the person / company): Link to the letter
Documents proving that the material is copyrighted and belonging to the owner(or the person / company representing): Link to the document
Digital signature for copyright claims: Full info including address, phone, email, and website.
Copyright Owners: Full info including address, phone, email, and website.